Good Sources of Fiber for Dogs

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There are many sources of fibers for dogs, but the important thing is that your dog gets enough fiber in their diet. Your dog needs proper, healthy, and balanced diet which provide right quantity of fibers. Fiber is a nutrient that has more important health benefits for your beloved dog.

Some pet owners think that their dogs need a lot of fibers in their regular food. So, it’s necessary to know the exact quantity of required fibers.

Do Dogs Need Fiber in Their Diets?

The common question is that do dogs need fiber?

It’s a common misperception about dogs that they are obligate carnivores, in fact they are omnivores that eat a combination of meat protein and plant matter in the wild.

The roughage and plant matter that they consume provides an essential source of fibers for dogs. The fibers help to balance their diet, keep their digestive system healthy, enhance the energy and nutrients that come from the meat part of their meals.

The Best Sources of Fibers for Dogs

So, we know that fibers are essential for dogs. The question is how do you get fibers in your dog’s food naturally and in the most digestible format to support good health? Here are some best sources of fibers for dogs.


Wheatgerm contains vitamin E, folic acid, and other vital nutrients that dogs need to thrive. It is also a good source of dietary fiber.

Milled Flaxseed

The whole flaxseed contains insoluble fiber, but when it is milled to remove its outer shell turns into soluble dietary fiber that binds with fat, cholesterol, and bile to keep your pet’s digestive system in peak condition and make sure the good digestive health.


Carrots contain carotene that provides vitamins A, K, and B6, which help to keep your dog’s eyes healthy and bright. It is also a significant source of nutritious fibers for dogs which helps to ensure that they get their daily dose of vitamins and minerals.


It belongs to the cabbage family, which contains more nutrition. Broccoli provides many vitamins and traces elements which help to keep your dog healthy and fit. It also provides a natural source of easily digested fibers which your dog enjoy a lot.


it has gotten something of notoriety for being a super food for people in recent years, and it offers the majority of similar benefits for dogs as well. Kale is an incredible source of fiber, iron, thiamine, folate, and riboflavin, and makes an extraordinary expansion to your dog’s diet.


It’s an excellent dietary addition for your pets who already have a healthy digestive system, but it comes into its help to keep things moving properly for pets that suffer from constipation or digestive issues.


It’s a versatile squash that is enjoyed by humans as well as dogs. It provides an excellent source of nutrients and fibers. You should add pumpkins to your dog’s diet. You can use it as a cooling summer treat by freezing its small cubes to offer your dogs on those baking hot summer days.


It’s the best treat for your dog to serve in the form of slices. Apple is also rich in vitamins as well as fibers. Before giving slices to your dogs remember to remove the core from apple because apple seeds could be toxic in large quantities.

Fiber for Dogs as a Part of Balanced Diet

Choosing the right sources of fiber for dogs into their daily diet is something that all complete, balanced dog’s foods should take into account, whether you feed a commercial diet or prepare raw food for your dog at home.

Many dog food brands prepare raw food meals for dogs that contain the right balance of fiber to keep your dog healthy. They integrate wholesome, seasonal vegetables such as carrot and broccoli along with proper amounts of roughage like Wheatgerm and milled flaxseed.





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