9 Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys 2019-2020

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You want to make your dog happy and active, maintain the eating habits of your puppy.

Entertain your dog by having a variety of highly recommended things, especially for moody dogs, arrange toys for sure.

Motivate your pups to take food on time, and its difficult then read this guide for treat dispensing toys for dogs.

1. Kong Ball

Kong toy is the most favorite toy of dogs its also called king kong of dog toys.

You can say it’s an essential dog toy to reat dogs easily.

Dogs can easily chew the rubber toy with jaws, also famous best dog toys for aggressive chewers.

Different sizes are available in the market according to the size and age of the dog.

What is a kong toy, and what to stuff a kng toy is a very common question?


  • Kong ball is relatively inexpensive
  • Filled stuff can be customized according to the dog age requirement
  • Kong toy helps to release stress and prevent dullness
  • Indestructible even dogs chew with strong jaws


  • Kong toy is really difficult to clean
  • Filled stuff can destroy furniture look or stain your carpet
  • Overweight dogs cant handle the rubber toy


  • To train your dog to eat slowly
  • Helps in medical treatment
  • Behavior modification tool
  • During training sessions it can be a reward for the dog

Super tips for knog toy:

You can prepare mixture if ½ dry food and ½ wet food in the dog knog toy and leave the dog to play for the whole day.

you have option to freeze the toy for the whole night.

Note: clean such types of toys regularly, so specify a clean area for playing the dogs.

Pickle pocket

If your dog is tough chewer, don’t worry, pickle pocket dog toy made up of unique material.

This is durable and chewable in the dog’s mouth.

Clever dogs can be controlled by the pickle pocked dog toy.


  • Entertain the clever dogs and tough chewers
  • Dogs can take wet dog food, peanuts, etc
  • They can lick it for long time
  • It can float on water which helps to entertain your dog alone

Kibble Nibble

This dog food toy helps to intake dry kibble meals easily.

The gratification system is best edge of this toy when dog plays with the toy.

Kibble nibble is pet safe toy that never harms to the jaws of dogs and even puppies.


  • You can clean kibble nibble easily, just open and wash it in the dishwasher
  • Adjustable difficulty level in a way treat can be dispensed easily.


  • Cannot float on water
  • Not for tough chewers

Omega Tricky Treat Ball

This toy is almost the same as kibble nibble it’s a dog treat dispensing ball it release meal reward when ball rolled around.

Then what’s the difference between omega trick treat ball and kibble nibble?

The tricky treats dog toy is a soft toy for puppies and simple dogs, and kibble nibble is a hard ball for clever dogs.


  • Great dog toys for chewing
  • Tough chewer like to entertain with these balls
  • It never damages the carpet, floor, and furniture


  • Difficult to wash with soapy water
  • Puppies some time cannot handle this toy


You can say it the same as tug of war Tug-A-Jug that dispense dog treats helps to entertain the puppies and dogs.

Rubber wrap with different texture help to wash and clean your dog’s teeth.


  • Center hole of tug-a-jug maintains the interest of your dog in the toy.
  • Rubber wrap is pet friendly
  • Meals and treats can easily put into the dog dispensing toy
  • This is constructed by non-toxic material.
  • Durable and reliable dog food toy to engage your dog

The Waggle

This is a shake style dog toy it dispenses meals through flexible and compressible balls.

The waggle is used to turn the negative behavior of a dog into positive.

Rubber stuff of waggle is more flexible as compared to other dog dispensing toys.

It turns eating time to a fun time.


  • Slower to use, healthier for feeding
  • Easy to clean
  • great mental and physical stimulation

IQ Treat Ball

As you read above Omega treat ball and Kibble Nibble ball, this is about the same.

the IQ treat ball is also a very entertaining option to deal with your dog.

Rolling on the floor helps to dispense the meal for your dog.


  • Healthy physical and mental stimulation
  • Help to maintain the difficulty level


It’s a plastic dog food toy, and your dog  will push and play to enjoy the meal time with Bob-A-Lot.

You can allow playing on the hard floor.

You can challenge  your dog by complicating dispensing dog toys.


  • Adjustable difficulty level
  • A handy dog puzzle toy
  • Stellar rating on amazon

Twist N Treat

This dog food toy is especially for tough chewers and clever dogs.

The toy consists of 2 pieces, screw the pieces which manage difficulty level.


  • Easy to clean with simple dishwasher
  • Comfortable with dog habits
  • Impact positive habits


You want to get treat-dispensing toys for your dog, these toys will help to take care of your pet.

No need to be afraid at the time of choosing best stuff to entertain the pets easily.



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