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7 Best Bull Terrier Dog Foods Plus Top Brands For Puppies & Seniors

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Historical Background

The historical background of the Bull Terrier dated to 1835 when the Bulldog crossed at first with the English Terrier that is presently wiped out. The terrier style dogs were later bred with the Spanish Pointer to give them a bigger size and more masculine features.

At the time these pooches were warriors and known well for their fighting capacities. In the mid-to-late 1800s, the breed was a stylish honorable pooch known as a sturdy partner and an indication of status for men.

Today, Bull Terriers are a flourishing family friend and are best kept inside with their family. These breeds do not need great support and don’t require considerably more than a delicate wipe down and brushing once per week.

It’s critical to train this breed young and socialize them around individuals and different canines, so they don’t become aggressive. With the correct training, love, and diet, the Bull Terrier is a substantial willed yet loving addition to every family.

Understanding A Bull Terrier’s Diet Requirements

While socialization and emotional training are a fundamental piece of owning this breed, you also need to give close consideration and ensure you are feeding them the best Bull Terrier food. This breed is full of energy, and subsequently, they require a lot of protein and fat in their diet.

There is an extensive range of foods available for dogs, and they don’t all do something similar. A portion of the ingredients in a ton of these foods are harmful to our dogs, and they serve no need in their diet routine. It’s critical to your pet health that they get a diet that contains real animal protein as the primary ingredient close by a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Here are some broad rules you can follow when serving your Bull Terrier:

Puppy Bull Terrier Diet

During the first months of your Bull Terrier life, it requires a great deal of protein and fat to stay aware of their fast growth.

As of now is when cognitive development is significant to their growth and adaptation to society. A standard rule is at least 20% protein and 10% fat in their diet plan.

Adult Bull Terrier Diet

Since Bull Terriers extend in size, they need 2-4 cups of food for each day relying upon their size and level of activity. Like humans, not all dogs require a similar amount of food, so you need to put together their feedings concerning how they are putting on weight.

This breed is inclined to weight, so you need to confine treats, canned foods, and table food however much as could sensibly be expected.

Senior Bull Terrier Diet

However, when your Bull Terrier reaches seven or eight years of age, their activity level will begin to diminish, and you may see they put on a couple of pounds.

At this time you can decrease their daily feedings yet try to feed them quality food that contains natural meat-based protein. Consider putting them on a predefined “senior” dog food.

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Special Dietary Considerations For Bull Terriers

All dogs are considered as sound and healthy, however, everyone has its particular issues they may keep running into dependent on their breeding and their forefathers.

Unfortunately, a lot of the severe ailments that Bull Terriers face have little to do with their diet, and more to do with their breeding, yet having a sound diet plan consistently makes a difference.

Moreover, the most significant thing you can do for your pet is to feed them food you can be pleased with. By giving your Bull Terrier with a diet rich in wholesome ingredients like real meats, vegetables, and natural products; you can rest sufficiently realizing you are making every effort to ensure your pet live the best life.

Health and Diet Issues of Bull Terriers

Here is the most widely recognized health and diet issues Bull Terriers face:


Full and partial deafness is common in all-white dogs so al Bull Terriers should get a brainstem auditory evoked response test to guarantee their hearing is normal.

Standard trips to the veterinarian will help to slow down or prevent the loss of hearing.

Heart Disease

Imperfections in the structure of the heart is another basic issue facing Bull Terriers. Sometimes these cases are severe, and many times they go unnoticed.

Symptoms are usually a heart mumble, and a few canines live with this their entire life with no issue. Treatment frequently incorporates with medicine for the beginning stage and perhaps surgery for severe cases.

Skin Irritations

White Bull Terriers have delicate skin that is inclined to rashes and irritations. Short-haired pets regularly experience skin irritations from household irritants or inhalants like cleaning showers and fabric cleaner.

They are additionally susceptible to airborne allergens like dust and residue. You need to focus on your Bull Terrier and notice if the person is scratching and biting too much. If the irritation goes on a long time, it could transform into an infection that requires steroids and antibiotics.


This obsessive tail pursuing happens around a half year and results in your little pet spinning around for a considerable time without stopping to drink or eat.

A few specialists state this is equivalent to a seizure and can get accommodated with “anxiety types” prescription like Anafranil or Prozac. The ideal approach to try and prevent spinning is by engaging in exercises with your Bull Terrier and ensuring they are not alone too much during their childhood.

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Bull Terrier Feeding Chart

As we said already, how you feed your Bull Terrier should depend on their size and level of activity. You can change their feedings dependent on their needs and recommendations from a Veterinarian.

If you are changing their diet from lower quality food, it’s crucial to progress them gradually so they can adjust to the progressions of flavor just as the nutrient intake. Dogs are not intended to take quick dietary shifts, so it’s necessary to begin moderate.

Consider blending 25% of the new food in with 75% of the old food and slowly increase the new food rate each week until the old formula is entirely gone.

Here are some broad rules to pursue:

Bull Terrier Little dogs: 2-3 cups divided into two meals for every day

Adults Bull Terrier : 3-4 cups divided into two meals for every day

Bull Terrier Seniors: 2-4 cups for each day relying upon their weight and activities

The Best Dog Food For Bull Terrier

Since you have a strong understanding of your Bull Terrier’s needs and health contemplations, we can plunge into specific instances of high-quality foods. These foods contain real meat as an essential source of protein alongside healthy fruits and veggies.

The best Bull Terrier diet contains no by-products, fillers, corn, wheat, or soy, and these foods beneath meet those limitations.

Here is a list of best Bull Terrier food:

1.      Instinct By Nature’s Variety Raw Boost Grain-Free Real Chicken

This formula blends traditional kibble alongside boosted nutrition from freeze-dried crude meat all through. They use confine chicken as the main ingredient, which is also a source of protein for strong muscles.

The food contains probiotics for digestive health alongside omega fatty acids for skin and coat health. This recipe contains no grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, or by-products. The formula has a protein substance of 37% and fat of 20.5% which makes this food perfect for exceptionally active Bull Terriers who need to add lift.

Pros: Contains a high concentration of protein and fat, chicken is a lean protein source, probiotics help direct defecations

Cons: Protein and fat could be unreasonably high for specific dogs, a few pets choose the crude lift pieces and leave them on the floor

2.      Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Grain-Free Recipe

Everybody has a budget they need to pursue, and that is the reason many go to cheap options to healthy dog food. Fortunately, with Blue Buffalo, you don’t need to because their food is intended to meet the requirements of every budget.

The Blue Wilderness line centers around a diet plan that intently takes after what wolves eat in nature. That is an eating routine rich in protein with constrained carbohydrates. This recipe uses chicken as the essential protein source alongside antioxidant-rich fruit and Blue’s LifeSource bits that contain every vitamin and minerals your needs to stay happy and healthy.

The formula additionally contains chelated minerals which are perfect for the immune system.

Pros: Reasonable for all budgets, grain-free formula, contain a lot of cancer prevention agent

Cons: Contains a few fillers like pea protein and tomato pomace, 34% protein could make a few dogs gain weight

3.      American Journey Salmon And Sweet Potato Grain-Free Recipe

When you are attempting to come up with an idea for what to feed your little dog, sometimes it’s ideal to go with what every other person is doing. This food from American Journey has about 2000 review on Chewy with the five stars. That should help to take some of the concern away if you make sure what to do.

This recipe contains healthy salmon and sweet potato, which are effectively digestible and give the protein and amino acids your canine needs to keep up a healthy lifestyle. It’s vital for Bull Terriers to have food that supports their psychological development and this food contains DHA which gets derived from moms’ milk and is excellent for brain health.

Pros: Contains lean sources of protein, salmon is effectively edible and contains a lot of healthy oils, DHA is an excellent element for cognitive development in Bull Terriers

Cons: The food has three different healthy sources of protein which could trigger allergies, contains a few fillers like pea protein and beet peep

4.      Tylee’s Human-Grade Beef Recipe Frozen Dog Food

Sometimes less is more when it comes to dog food. If you feed your puppy the most high-quality food, they don’t have to eat to such an extent, and they feel progressively happy with each meal. This food contains all human-grade ingredients and needs freezing during transportation.

The formula uses healthy ingredients that you could eat incorporating USDA beef with sweet potatoes, mango, broccoli, and zucchini. The food contains a high quantity of fiber just as flaxseed and sunflower oil which are necessary to your Bull Terriers skin health. The formula contains no corn, wheat, soy, or by-products.

Pros: Natural ingredients, effectively recognizable ingredients, contains an assortment of healthy oils

Cons: Requires freezing, can store in the icebox for ten days, costly when utilized independent from anyone else

5.      Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Sweet Potato And Venison

If your Bull Terrier suffers from allergies from household allergens you may require food that decreases the negative effect of these irritants. A few foods contain harmful ingredients like food color and artificial flavoring which don’t assist your little pet with their allergy issue.

This constrained ingredients diet does its best to restrain the effect of any of the ingredients. Every component of the diet gets carefully included because it is sensitive on the stomach and sustaining to the skin. The food uses exceptionally dietary protein in venison, and it’s the main protein the food so your little pet won’t have an adverse response to anything.

The formula is grain-free and contains omega-3 unsaturated fat from the flaxseed, which helps the skin and avoids skin irritations. The recipe additionally has a lower protein and fat content of 20% protein and 10% fat to help with absorption.

Pros: Perfect for delicate skin, the oil enables make to skin and coats delicate, lower protein and fat for sensitive stomachs

Cons: insufficient protein and fat for certain puppies. It doesn’t contain meat as the primary ingredient, utilizes a lot of fillers like pea protein and potato protein

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6.      Merrick Grain-Free Real Texas Beef And Sweet Potato

In this formula, Merrick uses friendly nutrition from good deboned hamburger as the main ingredient with sweet potatoes and peas. The recipe contains nutrients and minerals for a balanced diet. If you are feeding this to an aging Bull Terrier, it also contains glucosamine and chondroitin which enables puppies to keep up their mobility as they age.

The recipe has 38% protein and 15% fat which is perfect for Bull Terriers that are still exceptionally active and keeping up their independence. The mix has an assortment of probiotics to help with gut health too.

7.      Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Chicken

There has been a lot of worry over the effect that a grain-free diet has on your little pet. There have been connected between grain-free food and cardiomyopathy and another heart issue so here is a grain-included alternative if you need to stay with grains as a significant aspect of your little dog’s diet.

This formula utilizes chicken and brown rice alongside sweet potatoes for a balanced and adjusted eating routine. The food contains omega unsaturated fats to help with your pooch’s coat, and it contains no by-products, corn, wheat, or soy.


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