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Best Chow Chow Dog Food

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Chow Chow is a massive dog breed for their height, that’s why they may have some of the same bone and joint problems initiate in large and giant breeds such as elbow and hip dysplasia.
The best dog food for chow chow, especially as growing puppies can include foods designed for large breed dogs. Large breed puppy food can help to encourage slower growth and result in fewer bone and joint problems later in life.

The chow chow is an old breed from northern China that dates back several thousand years. They are famous for their strong loyalty to family. However, they are affectionate to family members, but they can also be quite independent.

Their hair and skin require a support, so any chow chow food will have to deliberate this breed’s unique needs in this regard. A good quality diet can help to maintain the muscle tone, skin health, and support this breed to maintain the proper weight. Let’s take a look at best chow chow foods.

Understanding a Chow Chow’s Diet Requirement

They need a rich and densely nutritious food to maintain their muscle tone without getting empty calories. This breed is not so energetic or athletic, so their muscles can quickly turn to excess bulk without a proper diet.
Feeding a Chow chow relies upon little suppers that pack a genuine nutrition punch.

Numerous foods with void fillers, for example, corn or soy and artificial ingredients mask less than ideal ingredients. It can influence your Chow’s digestion and cause skin irritations that affect the coat.
Since the coat is so thick, you may not notice skin issues springing up until you have a severe issue on your hands. Beginning with a healthy diet could be the way to keeping up your Chow’s signature look while guaranteeing appropriate digestion and immune system health.

Diet Requirements

Chow’s are individuals and could have precise diet requirements relying upon many things. However, there are rare issues to consider.

• The primary ingredient should be a whole, labeled protein. Whole deboned chicken, for instance, is going to provide a more effectively absorbable protein than something labeled just “meat meal.”Dogs are fundamentally carnivores, and protein is necessary as the primary ingredient. Avoid foods that use something different first.

• Healthy fats will help to maintain skin and healthy coat. Fat helps to balance out protein and give energy to your Chow chow plus condition the skin and coat. It’s important for the heart and joints and helps keep your Chow’s brain fit as a fiddle.
• Fruits and veggies could be a decent source of fiber and nutrients and minerals. Even though research isn’t decisive concerning whether dogs are omnivores or not, considerable recipes using whole veggies do give brilliant help to eye health and the immune system.
• Things like probiotics for stomach related help, glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, and antioxidant mixes could also bolster overall health and prosperity for your Chow at all phases of life.

Special Dietary Considerations For A Chow Chow

• Bloat
• Eye issues
• Obesity
• Skin conditions
• Dysplasia
Chow Chows are a tough breed, yet they do have some specific breed issues you should know about them. Diet can have a fundamental impact in reducing or preventing these issues, so choosing food that tends to the absolute most normal conditions that crop up in Chow Chows could help your pet to live long sound life.


Enormous, barrel-chested breeds are inclined to a condition known as bloat in which the stomach stretched and twists. It could be dangerous if not treated right away. Researchers don’t have a complete understanding of the triggers, yet a couple of things could help keep your Chow more secure.

Eye Issues

Chow Chows are inclined to conditions that influence the eyes, including glaucoma and cataracts. Foods that help to maintain eye health are critical. Nutrients and minerals to help the eyes should come in natural forms and be effectively absorbable.

Likewise, ensure you see your veterinarian consistently to examine the eyes since they’re frequently hidden behind the fur and the brow. If you don’t keep a strict eye, an issue could come up without you noticing.


Chow chow foods that contain a lot of void fillers are one of the most dangerous food you can feed your friend. The Chow chow is a stocky, active dog. However it isn’t energetic naturally. You should be careful to watch your Chow’s weight.
The fur can conceal weight gain, so routine check that you can feel your Chow Chow’s ribs underneath the coat and skin. On the off chance, it’s difficult to make out individual ribs; your Chow Chow may have put a lot of weight. A weight control recipe could help shed those pounds and return your dog to a healthy weight.

Skin Conditions

Your Chow Chow’s fur shrouds a lot of skin issues until it’s too late and you have got a circumstance. When the coat is influenced, frequently the skin has been experiencing difficulty for some time.

Pick food with quality protein and healthy fats to condition and alleviate the skin while supporting a sound and robust coat.
If your Chow Chow is delicate, pick a Chow Chow food that kills normal sustenance allergens or change to a restricted ingredient diet altogether. Know that poultry and beef can be primary triggers. However, there are a lot of novel proteins out there that could help.


Large breed dogs are additionally inclined to a condition known as dysplasia. It’s hereditary and makes joints structure incorrectly. Whenever left untreated, it can cause pain and stability sometimes in life. Its most normal structure is in the hips and elbows.
A diet that supports appropriate development as a chow chow puppy is the beginning stage, yet foods that comprise quality protein can help muscles better support joints. Healthy fats in addition to glucosamine and chondroitin, may help to keep up joint padding and reduce any pain that crops up.

Chow Chow Feeding Chart

Its portion sizes will rely upon the suggestions of the diet you pick, in addition, to consult from your veterinarian about your particular dog. Things like life stage or conditions like pregnancy and any injury can influence how much food your Chow Chow gets. Fabricate an association with a legitimate vet so that you can make a plan for your Chow Chow dog puppy.

Here is an idea of what to expect when you are feeding the average Chow Chow dog.

• Puppies: It’s urgent to control a Chow Chow puppy’s growth, so a Chow Chow food for puppies should be custom fitted to large breeds. Your veterinarian will presumably change portion recommendations a couple of times as your Chow Chow develops, so be prepared.

• Adults: Average Chow Chows get somewhere in the range of three and four cups of food for every day split between meals. If your Chow Chow has put on an excessive amount of weight, that could change. Nursing and pregnancy could also expand serving sizes incidentally as your Chow grows and sustains puppies of her own.

• Seniors: Chow Chow food for seniors looks fundamentally the same as grown-up dog food; however if you haven’t considered supporting joint health, now is a superb time to include things like glucosamine and chondroitin. Also, ensuring that foods support mental movement and the immune system can keep your Chow happy and healthy well into the twilight years.

The Best Dog Food For Chow Chows

Give your Chow Chow the most obvious opportunity at a long, sound life by choosing foods that utilize premium ingredients without any fillers. Your Chow Chow food needs to give dense protein to muscle improvement without including void calories that pack on pounds. Our decisions are brilliant for your Chow’s health and prosperity and balance protein, sugars, and healthy fats throughout the day (yet thinning) energy. Here is the list of best Chow Chow dog food:

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1. Merrick Backcountry Raw Large Breed Recipe

Merrick’s Backcountry Raw recipe includes genuine bits of freeze-dried raw meat for an additional protein boost. If your Chow is fussy, having those pieces could consist of interesting texture and mouthfeel. The formula is intended to copy a canine hereditary diet and packs a considerable amount of dense nutrition in with no empty fillers.
Deboned chicken gives the essential protein source alongside chicken and turkey feast. Healthy fats help keep your Chow feeling vigorous for the day while molding the skin and keeping up legitimate mental health. Fruits and vegetables give essential nutrients and minerals just as fiber.

The formula contains normal sources of glucosamine and chondroitin, which support joint health, and probiotics keep assimilation regular and support the immune system. Merrick’s ingredients originate from privately sourced, capable suppliers and contain no hormones or included antibiotics that can influence digestion.
Pros: crude bits of meat, privately sourced ingredients, dense protein
Cons: a few dogs pick around the meat bits, bits should be redistributed taken care of as often as possible

2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Large Breed

Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness formula offers a lot of dense protein with no void calories that could cause weight gain. It’s intended to help your large breed dog’s muscle tone and casing while at the same time giving energy throughout the day.

Rich meat is the primary ingredient, a natural protein that is often a crowd-pleaser. Sound fats support skin health and condition the coat while supporting in joint padding. Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin help keep joints moving.

Vegetables give quality sources of fiber and nutrients to help immune health and digestion. Different ingredients incorporate probiotics to help ease absorption and make supplements more accessible. There are no grains, void fillers, for example, corn or soy, and no artificial ingredients.

Pros: dense protein, dog-pleasing meat, support for skin and joint health
Cons: a few dogs don’t care for the texture, contains peas and potatoes

3. Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Turkey Recipe

Honest Kitchen’s unique food gives a healthy supper with a lot of flavors and fascinating textures. The dehydrated recipes are easy to store and serve. Numerous dogs enjoy the wet feel, and the ingredients are all premium and natural.

Cage-free turkey is a fit protein source, giving your Chow the building blocks for healthy muscles without including additional calories. Healthy fruits and vegetables round out nutrients and minerals, supporting eye health, skin condition, and immunity.

Healthy fats additionally support the skin and coat. Basic oats are decent, slow-release carbohydrates throughout the day energy and high fiber. There are no void fillers and no artificial flavors or colors, so your Chow gets just the most premium nutrition.

Pros: unprepared food simple to store, premium and natural ingredients, dense yet lean protein
Cons: Arranged food is trying to spare, a few dogs don’t like the taste

4. NomNomNow Chicken Chow-Wow

NomNomNow gives cooked meal made by using human-grade ingredients and conveys the meals to your door. It makes it so easy to feed your dog quality nutrition that once in a while gets rejected because of taste or texture. You get crisp food every week, and your dog gets a restricted ingredients Chow Chow food with dense nutrition.

The Chicken Chow-Wow formula utilizes only six ingredients beginning with a whole chicken and sweet potato for a healthy protein and carbohydrate blend. It won’t spike your Chow’s glucose and should give energy throughout the day without additional calories. Healthy fats support the skin while fresh vegetables contain essential nutrients and minerals to enable things to like eye health.

The meals arrive every week in pre-portioned sizes, so you’ll never come up with food, and you’ll never measure anything again. The foods require cold storage, so ensure you’re prepared.

Pros: human-grade ingredients, cooked meals
Cons: costly, a few dogs may require dental support

5. Zignature Salmon Recipe

Zignature’s limited ingredients formula focuses around a single protein source and kills all additional ingredients for a simpler to digest the meal. Salmon gives quality protein in addition to healthy fats that can help to relieve skin irritation and maintain muscle tone.

Nutrients and minerals support eye health and probiotics support digestion.

The formula contains no void fillers, for example, corn or soy and no artificial ingredients. It could help your Chow Chow digest more efficiently and potentially ease any skin itching related to regular food allergens.

The single source, novel protein eliminates poultry and beef, two basic reasons for food allergies that aren’t always tended to. The dense protein keeps up your Chow’s energy while keeping up weight and facilitating digestion.

Pros: constrained ingredients, a novel protein, solid fats
Cons: some picky Chows dislike the taste, more costly than normal

6. Natural Balance Sweet Potato And Venison Recipe

Limited ingredients diets can help to ease issues with digestion and skin by decreasing the number of ingredients engaged with the digestion process. The novel protein venison is a densely nutritious protein that can keep up muscle mass while reducing allergic reactions.

Sweet potato is a low glycemic starch that gives energy throughout the day. A bunch of different ingredients give basic nutrients for eye health and minerals to support the bone structure.

The formula utilizes no artificial ingredients or cheap fillers, for example, corn or soy and no common protein allergens, for example, poultry or by-products meals. It’s clean, and you could see improvement rapidly as your Chow’s digestion settles.

Pros: restricted ingredients, rich protein source, excellent nutrient substance
Cons: more costly than healthy food, a few dogs may not like the texture of the kibble

7. Solid Gold Fit And Fabulous Chicken, Sweet Potato, And Green Bean Recipe

Solid Gold’s weight control recipe offers rich nourishment in a reduced-calorie formula intended to make it simpler for your Chow to shed pounds and keep the weight off reliably. You don’t sacrifice any of the basic nutrition of basic, premium foods.

A decent blend of protein, fiber, and starches enables your Chow to feel full and energetic throughout the day. Nutrients support things like eye health and probiotics support the immune system. Healthy fats condition the skin and coat for better health overall.

8. Ziwipeak Lamb And Tripe Recipe

Ziwipeak’s meat-based recipe that contains 96% meat, offering dense protein intended to mimic a carnivorous, hereditary diet. A unique air-drying procedure enables the organization to save all the natural benefits of raw meat while executing nasty pathogens and microorganisms. The outcome is the most advantageous raw food available in the market.

It utilizes rich lamb and tripe for dense protein in addition to healthy fats to condition the skin and keep up muscle tone. It’s costly, yet your Chow shouldn’t need to eat so much per portion as a less expensive food. It’s beneficial and keeps up your Chow’s regular weight and shiny coat.

Pros: crude based diet, a lot of solid fats, excellent nourishment
Cons: costly, elusive in stores


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