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Best Dog Food without Chicken

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Chicken is one of the most prominent ingredients in modern dog food and without any confusion, the most common meat ingredient. From the least expensive supermarket brand to the ultra-premium freeze-dried extents, formulas that contain Chicken are quite often accessible.

Unfortunately, Chicken is additionally one of the most broad reasons for allergic reactions or intolerances in dog food. These allergic reactions or intolerances can cause dogs over the world side effects, for example, vomiting, diarrhea, swell, and sometimes the more terrible.

Discovering high-caliber, nutritious dog foods that don’t contain Chicken or whatever other ingredients that cause an allergic reaction or intolerance can be a unique challenge.

Fortunately, Chicken free dog food is in significantly more abundant supply than its pea free cousins, and this article will spread out probably the best recipes accessible.

Do I Need To Buy A Dog Food Without Chicken?

No. Chicken is a very nutritious ingredient and ideally suited for a dogs diet. It contains a palatable extent of organically appropriate animal protein and fat. Protein is fundamental in a dogs diet as it is utilized for the development, repair, and upkeep of dogs cells.

Fat is as similarly as significant as protein and is utilized as an effectively edible and concentrated source of energy just as helping keep hormones and other bodily functions as they should.

Finally, Chicken incorporates a scope of vitamins and minerals, for example, Niacin, Selenium, and Nutrient B6. While Chicken contains fewer nutrients and minerals than different meats, the vitamins, and minerals, it provides fundamental for keeping up a healthy heart and skin.

What About A Dog Food Without Chicken Meal?

Chicken meal, much the same as whole Chicken, is a nutritious element for a dog’s diet. While the facts that Chicken meal is a processed ingredient, the rendering procedure that Chicken meal experiences expels the dampness and doesn’t evacuate the protein and fat, which are the core nutrition that Chicken gives.

The dampness has been expelled; Chicken meal is increasingly nutritious on a gram for gram premise than whole Chicken. Dog food recipes that have Chicken meal or some other meat dinner recorded as their essential ingredient must, hence, contain a significant part of Chicken as whole Chicken can be as much as 80% dampness.

One drawback of meat meal or fish meal over whole meat or fish is that a considerable amount of the oils found inside the meat are also evacuated during the rendering procedure close by dampness. On account of fish, these oils are regularly high in the Omega Fatty acids which can give a range of health benefits.

However, Chicken isn’t high in the Omega Fatty acids, so having a portion of its oils expelled during the rendering procedure is probably not going to noticeably affect the degree of those fatty acids. It is a significant thought and in general, shoppers ought to favor whole ingredients to meals if there is a decision.

Chicken Fat In Dog Food

The absolute most prominent and surely understood brands utilize Chicken Fat in their dog food plans. Examples incorporate Solid Gold and Fromm. Chicken Fat is a useful ingredient for most dogs and can give advantageous Fatty acid, for example, the Omega 6 Fatty acid.

Thus, we don’t have anything against Chicken Fat. However, it could exhibit issues for dogs who have a Chicken allergy.

However, as Strong Gold contends, more dogs respond contrarily to the protein in Chicken. Subsequently, Chicken Fat may not cause the equivalent unfavorable response. It merits monitoring as certain dogs may also react inadequately to Chicken Fat.

Chicken Fat can frequently be especially far down the ingredient list and may not be gotten by clueless dog owners who rather are concentrating on the Non-Chicken ingredients further up the rundown.

For instance, Fromm produces a recipe called Salmon Tunalini. It contains an assortment of fish ingredients, for example, Sardines, Fish, and essential ingredients: Salmon. Buyers would expect fish ingredients like these to be available given the recipes name.

What numerous consumers don’t understand is that the recipe additionally contains Chicken Fat as its thirteenth recorded ingredients. While the amount of Chicken Fat might be minor, it could at present trigger an unfavorably allergic response.

It is one reason that you should peruse the full ingredients list of a dog food formula before bolstering it to your dog. Along these lines you won’t be found napping by minor ingredients that could cause your dog unneeded pressure and inconvenience.

What Can I do If I Think My Dog Is Allergic To Chicken?

If you presume your dog might be oversensitive to Chicken however can not demonstrate it, we suggest attempting a Restricted Ingredient Formula. Restricted ingredients recipes enable you to rapidly expel most of the ingredients from your dog’s eating regimen and after that reintroduce them over the long run until you can perceive or bind the problem ingredients.

Therefore, if you encouraged your dog a limited ingredient formula with no Chicken ingredients and any unfriendly responses they were enduring halted or were altogether diminished, all things considered, your dog has an allergy to Chicken and will presently require a dog food formula without Chicken.

While it might be tempting to hop to this end, it is also fundamental to guarantee that it was not another ingredient in your dog’s eating regimen that you additionally eliminated at the same time. It could be accomplished by reintroducing a portion of those different ingredients, for example, vegetables or fruits.

In any case, the other side of this is if the symptoms or responses don’t subside, at that point, all things considered, another ingredient or natural factor might be the reason. Other primary dietary allergens in dog food are Hamburger, Vegetables, Potatoes, and Grains however basically any ingredient could be the culprit.

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The Best Alternatives to Chicken in Dog Food?


Fish are an inconceivably nutritious ingredient and are frequently ignored or underrepresented in dog food. They contain top-notch protein and fat, mainly the invaluable Omega 3 and 6 Fatty acids which are demonstrated to give a scope of health benefits, for example, improved skin and coat health or improved psychological function.

There is an enormous assortment of fish ingredients usually utilized in dog food, for example, Trout, Salmon, Mackerel, Whitefish, Menhaden Fish and some more.

The nutrition of these fish ingredients can give differs. However, they are practically all thought to be high-caliber. The wide variety of fish accessible can improve your hunt as you will undoubtedly discover a fish that your dog appreciates.

Unfortunately, many fish-centric recipes additionally incorporate limited quantities of Chicken or Chicken ingredients like Chicken Meal or Chicken Fat.

The probability of little amounts of these ingredients being available is the reason it is fundamental you cautiously break down the ingredient list of any following formula and guarantee it is altogether Chicken free.

Red Meat

If Fish doesn’t engage your dog, at that point red meats, for example, Hamburger, Sheep or Pork are a sure thing. Red meat is regularly considered by some to be second rate or less stable than choices like Chicken and fish in a people diet, yet this isn’t the situation for dogs.

Red meat is high in creature fat which can give your dog a concentrated energy source for their dynamic and vigorous ways of life. Also, red meat will, in general, be higher in minerals, for example, Iron and Zinc that are similarly as essential as supplements can imagine protein and fat.

Most dog food recipes with a substantial spotlight on red meat don’t contain any chicken ingredients. However, you would need to check the formula in inquiries ingredients list to be sure.

Consequently, most top-notch dog food formulas with attention on red meat ingredients and without Chicken ingredients might be the best wagered on your quest for a Chicken free formula.


It might appear to be inappropriate to propose poultry in an article planned for evading the most widely recognized poultry flying creature of all. Be that as it may, because your canine companion responds ineffectively to Chicken, doesn’t mean they have an unfavorable response to other poultry fowls, for example, Turkey, Duck, or even Quail and Bird. While a portion of these poultry winged creatures might be altogether less incessant ingredients, there are a few formulas out there that use them.

Poultry, for example, Turkey and Duck will, in general, be fundamentally the same as Chicken with both the nutrition and micronutrients they give. As we referenced, prior this incorporates Niacin, Nutrient B6, and Selenium. Be that as it may, some poultry flying creatures as Duck will, in general, contain a greater extent of fat than Chicken or Turkey.

Unfortunately, comparably to recipes that emphasis on fish, many dog food formulas that attention on elective poultry ingredients, for example, Turkey and Duck additionally contain Chicken or Chicken ingredients. There are some plans that only include other poultry. However, these are rare.

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Best Chicken Free Dog Foods

The Farmer’s Dog Pork & Sweet Potato Recipe Review

The Farmer’s Dog is new; home conveyed dog food brand. This new specialty of dog food is developing at a fantastic rate across the US. The food is conveyed solidified and afterward can be put away in the cooler until required.

What makes The Farmer’s Dog suitable for this article is the way that the majority of their plans are Without chicken making it an incredible alternative for those dogs with Chicken sensitivities.

While we are enormous fanatics of every one of the three of The Farmer’s dog food plans, we needed to limit our it down to a solitary top choice. We chose to go with the Pork Formula for various reasons.

The formula utilizes a large segment of Pork and Pork Liver. These ingredients can supply an exceptionally palatable stockpile of creature protein and fat which is essential to a dogs diet. Specifically, the Pork Liver can lift levels of less normal and helpful nutrients and minerals.

These Pork ingredients are then joined with White Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes. These starch ingredients supply an unassuming extent of sugars and some dietary fiber to help absorption.

In conclusion, the formula is balanced with some less regular vegetable ingredients, for example, Green Beans and Cauliflower. The utilization of these ingredients is exceptional and possibly a pleasant shock to numerous dogs.

If you are keen on getting familiar with crisp home conveyed dog, make certain to look at a portion of The Farmer’s Dog’s competitors like NomNomNow, Ollie, Pet Plate, and Staple Little guy. While these brands have Chicken plans, they all have at any rate one formula without Chicken.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Original

The first Novel Meat recipe is shockingly moderate and available to secure. Nature’s Variety  Instinct Original is turning into a staple in the excellent dog food on account of the nature of their plans. While their crude and semi-crude plans might be their most outstanding items, their Unique range is quickly developing into one of the most rugged dry food ranges. They have a sensible scope of plans accessible incorporating two plans with Chicken ingredients.

However, for the individuals who need a formula without Chicken, there is a scope of Chicken Free recipes, for example, Unique – Salmon, Unique – Hamburger, Unique Duck lastly Unique – Hare.

While exceptional, Rabbit meat is an extremely nutritious ingredient and contains elevated levels of protein and fat which ought to be at the center of each dog’s eating routine. Additionally, Rabbit meat contains moderately elevated levels of the B Nutrients, for example, B3 and B12 which can guarantee your dogs stays sound.

The recipe additionally contains a little part of fish ingredients, for example, Whitefish Meal and Salmon Meal. These fish ingredients help support the degree of the Omega 3 Fatty acids to acceptable levels. These Fatty acids can give a scope of health benefits, for example, improved individual capacity and more beneficial skin and coat.


Orijen usually includes a significant number of our “Best of” dog food articles as a result of the excellent ingredients it uses and the fabulous nourishment they give. This recipe is the copy of Acana, and a large number of their plans share various similitudes.

It has a broad scope of dog food formulas containing a tremendous assortment of meat and fish ingredients. Every recipe is ensured to contain in any event ten meat or fish ingredients which are phenomenal in the business dog food world. Vast numbers of Orijen’s plans, for example, Unique, Healthy as a horse and their Little dog recipes do incorporate Chicken thus tragically wouldn’t be prescribed.

In any case, different recipes, for example, Territorial Red and Six Fish are totally sans chicken. Provincial Red, as the name would recommend, has attention on red meat ingredients, for instance, Hamburger, Pork, and Sheep. While many dog proprietors attempt to constrain their admission of red meat, it is ideal for a lively and hungry dog and can furnish them with a copious stock of protein and fat. The excellent red meat ingredients are joined with a broad scope of foods grown from the ground, for example, Beans, Pumpkin, Spinach, and Carrots.

Tundra is another recipe by Orijen that is like Provincial Red. Tundra utilizes less regular red meat ingredients, for example, Goat, Wild Pig, and Scorch. While these ingredients make the formula all the more expensive, they might be a lovely shock for individual dogs who appreciate the assortment of at no other time tasted meat ingredients.

Merrick Real Salmon

Merrick is an ever-dependable source of excellent dog food plans. With a gigantic choice of both standard, constrained ingredient and canned dog food accessible you can never turn out badly with Merrick. While regularly we would propose a restricted ingredient formula for an article this way, Merrick produces an extremely encouraging recipe in its Grain Free Genuine range.

Salmon is one of the most widely recognized fish ingredients utilized in dog food and for a valid justification. It is exceptionally nutritious and promptly accessible. Merrick’s formula utilizes both entire Salmon and Salmon Meal. It additionally contains a little part of Whitefish which is likewise viewed as a great fish ingredient. This absence of any poultry or red meat ingredients could make this formula perfect for a dog who is open to eating fish.

Merrick’s Salmon + Sweet Potato formula utilizes an extensive exhibit of plant material, close by its fish ingredients, including Sweet Potatoes, Peas, and White Potatoes. It additionally incorporates little amounts of organic products like Blueberries and Apples while the healthful profile given by every one of these ingredients may not be very as noteworthy as a portion of different formulas.


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