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Chapter 1: What is the best dog food?

There are lots of food brands available for balanced dog food, so these days it’s a great issue to deal with

Selection of best dog food is not a difficult task you need to consider some crucial things.

  • Quality of ingredients
  • Quantity of ingredients
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Safety precautions

You usually don’t need to take stress just read the label of the dog food products you will find what the ratio of components in the food is.

Focus on

  • No risky ingredients
  • Moderate level of carbohydrates
  • The safe ratio of protein and fat
  • No unidentified meat

Chapter 2: Types of Dog Food

There are different types of dog food available in the market, but all have some variations according to the nutritional requirements, age of the dog, a senior dog, and for a puppy.

#Dry Dog Food

If you want to get the most economical food for your dog, then select dry dog food.

There are different reasons to choose dry food for your dog; some of the reasons listed below:

  • It doesn’t need to refrigerate
  • You can use a long time for your dog
  • Dry dog food helps to keep your dog’ teeth healthy
  • It helps to clean the teeth as well, chewing the crunchy stuff helps to reduce tartar from the pet tooth.

Which types of food included in Dry dog food?

These food items are low in moisture like

  1. Extruded foods (kibbles & pellets)
  2. Flake foods and biscuits
  3. Some dry dog food still contains some amount of meat

You can feed your dog with dry food or maybe by adding some water if you need gravy.

#Wet Dog Food

Most of the dogs don’t like dry food they want to have wet or canned dog food.

But keep one thing in your mind wet dog food is expansive as compared to dry dog food.

This food contains the perfect fat and protein ratio, which a dog requires for health.

Approximately 75% of water added in wet food, it 100% fulfill all nutritional requirements of your dog.

These are the mixture of ingredients with a high level of moisture, manufacturer cooked to sterilize properly on high temperature.

  1. Chunks in gravy
  2. Chinks in jelly
  3. Frozen or chilled pet food

#Semi Moist Dog Food

Semi-moist food means the diet with a low volume of moisture like

  1. Chops
  2. Burgers
  3. Meaty food

This is the foods which your dogs like the most, which contain low nutrition, artificial color, and flavors.

Note:- This food never fulfill the requirements of your pet because it’s a low nutrition diet

#Home Cooked Dog Food

Some people try to feed their dogs at home according to the nutritional needs of the pet.

If you want to feed your dog with home-cooked dog food, then you need to have proper knowledge about what exactly your pet needs to have in their diet because nutritional requirements of your pet should be fulfilled.

If you think you can provide your dog home-cooked diet, take advice from any dog nutrition, so you can be sure no vital ingredient is missing from your dog’s diet.

#Raw Dog food

A raw diet is not something like high moisture dog food or low moisture food; it’s a natural way of feeding your dog.

A raw diet usually is included

  1. Raw meat
  2. Bones

Bones and meat always provide maximum calcium and phosphorus naturally.

Typically Raw dog food is for the dogs with strong stomach acids, which helps to digest the food easily.

#dehydrated Dog Food (freeze-dried raw dog food)

This is also called freeze dried natural dog food

This food is healthy, full of nutrition; you can feed your dog of every age without any risk; it’s a perfect processed dietary option for dogs.

You can say dehydrated dog food is the combination of all dog food types, so it’s a recommended option to match your nutritional requirements and safe hygienically.

The incredible thing about dry dog food it’s lightweight and rich flavored, so dogs always love to taste this food.

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